Why I Don’t Want to Be a Mighty Man

My article for The Good Men Project – ‘Why I Don’t Want to Be a Mighty Man‘ is now live.

As a businessman I was (and am) aware that the competitive pressure of being a Mighty Man sometimes demands decisions that run contrary to my values. With time I began to realise that although society generally perceives competition to be universally good (the engine of innovation and lower prices for consumers), it also has a dark, destructive side. How many times have you taken a decision you knew to be wrong, justified simply because the alternative might be worse? Under the shadow of competition, its a compromise I became all too familiar with.

In it I share my experiences of the dark side of business, the dangers of competitive masculinity and the self-cooperative potential of therapy.

In the coming months I will be delving deeper into the psychology of competitiveness, and exploring the negative impacts of being a man in business and politics.

You can read more from the Good Men Project, a ‘community of 21st Century thought leaders around the issue of men’s roles in modern life’ at the link.

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