“Can We Get Our Governments to Solve Global Problems?” My interview for Conscious Bridge

Last month I was invited for a chat with Mark Gilbert for Conscious Bridge – a website “devoted to offering tools and resources that assist in creating a world that works for everyone.” In it we discussed everything from the story behind Simpol to the risks of corporate interests in global policymaking.

Why Conscious Bridge? Mark explains it best here, where he says:

It is my belief that we are at an evolutionary crossroads.  It appears that we live in a world where most people believe that life is about “survival”; where the norm is to live in fear, to accept the inevitability of war and poverty, to see themselves as some being existing separate and apart from everyone else with whom they are in competition.

However, I sense a growing number of us who are questioning and transcending that old paradigm.  I and many others know that we can create a world filled with love, peace, and abundance.  We are talking about releasing survival and claiming a life where we all thrive.


You can listen to our full conversation at the Conscious Bridge website.


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