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“The world needs more consciousness” – an interview with Nick Duffell



Nick Duffell

How do we feel about globalisation? Are we thinking straight when it comes to climate change? Is there too much blame going on in our relationship with politicians?


For the last year, I’ve been working with psychotherapist and psychohistorian Nick Duffell on our new book ‘The SIMPOL Solution‘ to take a look at the state of global problems through a psychoanalytic lens.

To mark the launch of the book, forthcoming from Peter Owen in 2017, Alex Lyons interviewed Nick to get his perspective on everything from Trump and Theresa May, to the power and potential of psychology to get us out from under.

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My piece for openDemocracy: The failure of international summitry

How can cooperation be designed to be in every nation’s best interests in the long and short-term? And how can we, citizens, make failure so costly that politicians have no choice but to cooperate?

These days, international summits to solve climate change and other global problems have become symbols of both hope and failure: hope that our leaders will take substantive action, but knowledge that these summits too often produce little more than hot air. Aware of the global challenges we face, we can’t understand why they don’t act. So what’s wrong with international summits? And what can we do about it?

My piece on the failure of international summitry, currently featured on the front page of openDemocracy. Read the article in full and share your comments here.

Russell Brand: New Revolutionary?

Russell Brand’s now-viral video interview with Jeremy Paxman raises old questions about the effectiveness of our political system, and some interesting new ones about the relationship between our words and our deeds when it comes to political action.

For Brand, the system is useless, out-of-touch with the global concerns of a disenfranchised majority, and there are many who agree with him. But the question then becomes – what do you want to do about it? It seems to me it isn’t enough just to highlight the failures of our political leaders – we have to be ready to offer solutions. Not just thinking globally, but acting globally too.

You can read more on my thoughts on Brand, Paxman, politics and the solutions to our global problems on my Huffington Post blog.