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Speaking with Scilla Elworthy

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with the remarkable Scilla Elworthy – founder of the Oxford Research Group and long-time campaigner for nuclear disarmament and peace. Three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Scilla is an inspirational leader and thinker on global issues.

Scilla was gracious enough to share her comments on my latest book – Global Domestic Politics – A citizen’s guide to running a diverse planet.

“I think it’s a terrific book,” she said.

“You are writing with great clarity and it makes all the difference that you bring in Spiral Dynamics and Integral thinking. This allows you to make such strong points about diverse values and non democratic nations. Until I read your clear analysis, I hadn’t realised just how much destructive international competition is central to governments’ problems”.

You can find out more about Scilla and her latest work on her website www.scillaelworthy.co.uk/