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Cooperating with the future

How important is democracy in securing binding cooperation for a more sustainable future? Increasingly, behavioural science is offering some fascinating insights into the reasons why we cooperate, the precedent for cooperation in human beings and, now, the relationship between democracy and cooperation for binding long-term agreements. Politicians take note…


Read the full article about the research on Nature.


My piece for openDemocracy: The failure of international summitry

How can cooperation be designed to be in every nation’s best interests in the long and short-term? And how can we, citizens, make failure so costly that politicians have no choice but to cooperate?

These days, international summits to solve climate change and other global problems have become symbols of both hope and failure: hope that our leaders will take substantive action, but knowledge that these summits too often produce little more than hot air. Aware of the global challenges we face, we can’t understand why they don’t act. So what’s wrong with international summits? And what can we do about it?

My piece on the failure of international summitry, currently featured on the front page of openDemocracy. Read the article in full and share your comments here.