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Men-Maenner International Symposium

“Does the competitive world of work and politics leave you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied? Why do our economic and political systems seem to be so at odds both with our authentic selves and with the sustainability of the planet? And what can we, men do about it?”

This weekend I presented a talk and workshop at the very first Men-Maenner International Symposium in Germany. Entitled ‘Men Facing a World in Crisis’, the workshop was part of the Symposium’s ‘Men and The Future’ Program. An extract from my talk is below,

“We, men, have traditionally been – and still have a strong instinct – not only to be providers for our families, but also to be the organisers of public life – of the social and economic CONTEXT in which we do our providing. Commonly, the word that comes to mind for this context is ‘politics’.

But at a time when our problems are global and conventional politics and economics are failing, it’s clear that our present system – our present context – isn’t working. Whether it’s climate change, financial market crises or the widening gap between rich and poor, it’s clear our world is in crisis and national governments can’t cope. I believe an important part of masculinity in the 21st century – an important part of defining who we are as men – lies in recognising that fact, and in having the courage to do something about it.”

In the coming months I will be exploring the issue masculinity as it relates to our tactics for global change.

You can learn more about Men-Maenner and the symposium at the website: http://www.men-maenner.net/